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Bengal gram flour and coconut cake

Bengal gram flour and coconut cake - Preparation time 45 mins
En Anubhavam

I first made this cake during deepavali. It came out well and the taste was tempting. People won't stop with one piece. Actually i got this recipe from internet only. But added cashew and saffron strands. I used fresh grated coconut and finely chopped cashews.

Bengal gram flour - 1 cup ( use the same measurement cup for flour, sugar, milk & ghee)
Sugar - 2 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Ghee - 1 cup (keep little more if required you can add)
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Cardamon powder - 1/2 tsp
Saffron strands - few (soaked in little milk) 
Cashew - 10 to 15 ( finely chopped)

Preparation method:-
En Anubhavam

Roast bengal gram flour along with little ghee (2 tbsp) till slight aroma comes and raw smell goes off. To this add grated fresh coconut and sortae for few mins.
En Anubhavam
En Anubhavam

To this roasted mixture add milk and and boil. Keep on stirring the mixture till it is thick and doesn't stick to bottom of the pan. 
En Anubhavam

Now add the sugar to bengal gram flour, coconut, milk. Keep on stirring and slowly add the ghee, cardamon powder and saffron soaked in milk .
En Anubhavam

The mixture will become thick and white bubbles will appear on the edges. 
En Anubhavam

Add remaining ghee little by little. Till the ghee cake consistency comes. Also the ghee will seeps on the edge.
En Anubhavam

In a plate coat 2 tbsp of ghee both in the base and side of the plate. While slightly liquid and thick pour into the plate (don't wait till ball consistency because it will become more rough after cooling).
En Anubhavam

In a big plate pour little water and keep aside. After pouring the cake dough using a flat laddle or spatula (coated with ghee) flatten the dough quickly else it will start ticking to the laddle.
Keep this plate in the bigger plate with little water so the cooling process will be quick. When slightly cooled coat a knife with little ghee (to avoid sticking) and make pieces on the cake dough.
En Anubhavam

En Anubhavam
Don't disturb the cake till it cools completely else the cake will break. 
Enjoy this yummy, tasty and easy to make delicious cake.

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