Friday, September 10, 2010

Herbal leaves in our daily life - Part I

Herbal leaves in our daily life - Part I
We might use many herbal leaves in our daily food preparation but we might don't know the real values or medicinal properties. I am providing few details which i came across through parents, friends, etc. This might be useful and handy sometime. You have to consult doctor for medicinal problems below is for few handy tips.

Karpuravalli elai(Coleus amboinicus) - It is good to take when you have cold, cough. Good for digestion. You can wash the leaves and take directly it will taste good. Some people will consume as baji but, eating fresh will be healthy. You can plant the stem with few leaves in small pot and kept in your balcony.

Karuveppilai (Murray koinegii) - Good antioxidant, digestion and rich in iron content. We use it fresh for its aroma but it has medical properties so can be consumed along with food. When adding to dish take care to chop finely and add towards end so it will be fresh and can be consumed along with food. Very good for hair. You can take as a juice or karuveppilai thogayal.

Kothamalli elai (Coriander leaf) - Good antioxidant, improves digestion, contains iron, vitamins,i ncreases good cholesterol. Simple way to consume is, chop finely and mix with buttermilk along with few crushed ginger. Garnish the dishes with coriander leaves only after transferring to serving bowl so that the nutrition value can be retained. It is good for skin. You can try kothamali chutney.

Murugai keerai(Moringa oleifera leaves) - Is nutrition very rich in iron, vitamin c, potassium, vitamin A and calcium. The leaves should be cooked rightly it should not be less cooked or over cooked because it might lead to digestion problem. It is best to consume as kootu instead of dry curry. Leaves can be mixed with Adai flour and cooked . When you are melting butter for ghee you can put some drumstick leaves and fry so that ghee will smell good. Cook as murungai keerai kootu or murungai keerai poriyal

Vendaiya keerai (Fenugreek leaves) - It is rich in iron, vitamin c, potassium, calcium, fibre and protein. This can be consumed as gravy (vendaiya keerai kootu) or can be added to some dry curry. We can cook and use in chappati flour to make methi roti. Increases iron in blood. Good for diabetic. Constipation, gastric problem can be overcome by taking fenugreek leaves. It can be taken with yam to gain body wait.

Karisalankanni keerai - Contains more iron, vitamin A, reduces blood cholesterol. It is good for skin, improves complexion and eye sight. So you can occasionally take with food. The juice of karisalankanni leaves can be boiled with coconut oil, apply to hair it will improve hair growth. This will increase the red blood cells and reduce anaemia. Good medicine in siddha for liver problems, jaundice, etc.

Manathakkali keerai (Solanum nigrum) - The leaves are good for mouth ulcers. Clean the fresh leaves and chew them keep the juice for few mins in mouth and swallow. The leaves can be cooked along with toor dhal and taken as cooling agent. Reduces body heat so try to cook atleast once a week. It will taste slightly bitter. You can make manathakkali keerai kootu and consume

Vetrilai (Betel leaves) - In tamilnadu people used to take vetrilai along with sunnabu & pakku usually after a good feast. Good for digestion, removes gastric problem. For kids mom used to boil vetrilai & omam with little water and give so it will digest the milk the kid takes. Usually they will give this after head bath. The juice can be mixed with honey and given to reduce chest cold for kids. I heard that more quantity of pakku has to be taken in morning, in afternoon sunnabu has to be more and vethalai has to be more during night time.

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  1. It's a very useful info. I request to you to post "Herbal Leaves in our Daily Life" next part. So, that all will get benefit from our traditional recipes with medical values. Particularly this will help for the present generation who are going for junk foods, which spoils our health.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Surely i will put my next part as earlty as possible.

  3. where do you get karisalankanni in chennai? I have heard ponnankanni keerai..

  4. Usually we can get from green leaf vendors. Who used to come in our streets regularly. You can ask them to bring karisalankani leaves for you they will get you when it is available in main market or you can get from vegetable markets